Happy Juneteenth!

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta is proud to celebrate Juneteenth this year as part of our Spirit of the League Awards Luncheon  annual event on Wednesday, June 26, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The origins of Juneteenth as a time of celebration remind us of how much adversity we’ve overcome through unity, bravery and persistence.

We are called upon to let the activism of our forebears guide us today as lawmakers across the nation enact measures to suppress diversity, equity, and inclusion in public and private places. These forces are attempting to repel any efforts to address the decades of harm caused by slavery, Jim Crow, and the endemic racism that continues to restrict the economic progress of Black communities and other marginalized groups.

In a recent example of the tenor of the times, on the 6th of this month the Oklahoma Supreme Court dismissed a suit over reparations brought by the last remaining survivors of the Tulsa massacre. The ruling was widely seen as a blow to the cause of racial justice because there is no route for an appeal.

However, we will never be too discouraged to continue our tenacious fight for justice, harmony and peace, as civil rights advocates have done for centuries. We are committed to dismantling the systems of discrimination and oppression that are once again rearing their ugly heads.

Yet, we will always take time to celebrate our ancestors who sacrificed everything for our cause of freedom; and to further our union with a diverse group of allies who, like us, want to live in a society that embraces differences and respects humanity. Together, we can protect and improve our fragile democracy and build a society that has limitless opportunities for everyone to thrive.

For ourselves and for the generations that will follow, we must be unified and “woke” in this time of peril. We must be vigilant in seeking truth over lies and in unifying around our cause. Our lives and future depend on understanding the seriousness of our times and how we act in this moment.

Please join us at the Spirit of the League Awards Luncheon:  click here. This year’s Champion Award  goes to Atlanta’s own Raven Johnson, a star on the University of South Carolina’s 2024 undefeated national championship-winning Gamecocks basketball team. Raven exemplifies the Spirit of the League  through dedication to her academic and athletic pursuits and through her charitable work that uplifts youth in South Carolina and Georgia. Other awardees include stellar clients who have overcome challenges to reach their goals. We also will recognize the indispensable partnerships of civic, community, and corporate leaders whose support helps the League grow to expand our services throughout the region.


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