Financial empowerment Emergency relief center (FEERC)

Centering Lives…Building Stable and Successful Futures.

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta operates its programs under the umbrella of our Financial Empowerment and Emergency Relief Center – the (FEERC). The FEERC is an integrated evidence-based career, case management and financial coaching service center. It represents a blended model developed by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the National Urban League.  

ULGA’s FEERC also offers relief to people in crises, such as during the pandemic or a regional housing downturn, to avoid a downward spiral into poverty. Since the pandemic, we have helped clients with emergency funds to pay utilities, rent, and other bills to avoid eviction while they pursue jobs and certification in high-income fields. 

Low- to moderate-income youth, adults, families, and small businesses benefit from FEERC programs to step onto pathways of financial independence and wealth building. Clients come to the League and transform their lives. They move from low-wage jobs to higher income careers; from no high school diploma to college degrees; from mid-range pay to leadership positions with higher incomes; from rental housing in unsafe neighborhoods to home ownership in stable communities; and from doubt to abundant confidence in their futures.  

When clients come to the Urban League, we help tailor individualized pathways to reach their specific goals through the various FEERC programs. We offer courses, seminars, workshops, certifications, paid training, and one-on-one guidance to fit the time constraints and family obligations many clients face. 

Our Five Pillars Are:

Human Services, Health & Wellness

Careers, Talent Development & Workforce Solutions

Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Housing, Financial Empowerment & Wealth Building

Legislative Policy, Social Justice & Civic Engagement

Clients have found success through FEERC programs that: 

  • Address their basic and personal needs to stabilize in times of crisis.  
  • Further their education and job and career opportunities. 
  • Increase household income and financial literacy. 
  • Build wealth/home ownership. 
  • Encourage engagement in civic activity, legislative affairs, advocacy and community service.

We encourage you to sign up to attend our weekly FEERC orientation session to learn more about our programs and to start your journey to wealth building and successful living.  

Our programs combine virtual and in-person experiences, mindful of the schedules and family obligations many striving people must juggle as they seek to advance their careers or grow their small businesses. You bring your commitment and intent, and we’ll help you chart the path. 

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