TEC Small Business Coaching

Beyond our amazing programs, we also offer 1-on-1 business coaching to our clients. Coaching is meant to give you the opportunity to ask a subject matter expert questions pertaining to a certain aspect of your business and receive valuable feedback. The coolest thing about this is that it is all FREE! Yes, FREE! We have business owners who have been in their field for years and have made themselves available to help the next entrepreneur get to where they are trying to go. 

Business Coaching Requirements

Before you can begin receiving coaching, there are certain things that we need participants to do. We have organized them based on if you are seeking coaching while in a program versus seeking coaching while not enrolled in a program. 

If you are currently in a program: 

  1. Have completed all intake paperwork.
  2. Have attended 3 webinars.
  3. Have completed the coaching request survey. 

If you are NOT currently in a program:

Click below for the intake survey. 

Click below to schedule your initial intake session to answer questions.

How to Prepare for a Coaching Session

We are extremely grateful to have the coaches that we have giving time out their busy schedule to assist aspiring and current entrepreneurs. In us being appreciative of their time, we want to make sure you maximize their availability and willingness to assist you. Proper preparation does exactly that. Below is a short list of things that you should have completed before a coaching session:

  1. Identify a specific aspect of your business that you want professional guidance with. Saying you need help with everything doesn’t allow us to truly help you. It tells us that you haven’t done the work to truly decipher what you need to prioritize currently. 
  2. Be able to speak on what you have already done related to this specific business aspect. Please don’t show up and say you haven’t done anything. You should have done your own research. Even if you came across 5 different sources all saying different things, at least you have 5 different perspectives to talk through during your meeting. 
  3. Have all your documents in one place. One of the key ways to tell how prepared someone is during a meeting is by their ability to quickly access relevant documents. When someone has to take a minute or two to find something, it shows they didn’t properly prepare. 
  4. Be clear on the way you are meeting with your coach. This may seem rudimentary but there are too many instances where someone has selected to meet via Microsoft Teams but miss the meeting because they expected a phone call. Check, double check, and then triple check the platform in which you’re meeting with your coach. 
  5. Prepare questions! And please bring the questions that you have deemed crazy! 
  6. Be on time! Again, these are busy people. Please respect them enough to be on time! 


Please contact our team if you have any questions or concerns


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