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Welcome to TEC Business Coaching! In addition to our business accelerators, programs, and funding support, we also offer 1:1 business coaching to our clients. Subject matter experts coach you with valuable feedback and insights in many disciplines. This service is free for current TEC clients. Read below to learn more about how you can qualify for business coaching:  

Current TEC program participants must:

  1. Complete all intake paperwork.  
  2. Attend a minimum of three webinars. 
  3. Submit the coaching request survey. Available here. 

New to TEC or not a current participant in any of our programs? Please click here to submit our intake survey.  

Preparing for Your First Coaching Session

We are extremely grateful to have coaches who volunteer time from their busy schedules to assist aspiring and current entrepreneurs. We want to make sure you maximize their availability and willingness to assist you. Proper preparation does exactly that. Below is a short list of things that you need to complete before a coaching session:

  • Identify a specific aspect of your business that you want to discuss with professionals. Saying you need help with everything doesn’t allow us to truly help you. It tells us that you haven’t taken time to prioritize your pressing needs.   
  • Be able to talk about what you have already done related to this specific issue. Please don’t show up and say you haven’t done anything. You should have done your own research. Even if you came across five different sources all saying different things, at least you have perspectives to talk through during your meeting.  
  • Have all your documents in one place. You will impress your audience if you can quickly present and discuss relevant documents. If you take a minute or two trying to locate material, you will appear to be unprepared. 
  • Be clear about how you are meeting with your coach. This may seem rudimentary but there are too many instances where someone has selected to meet via Microsoft Teams but misses the meeting because they expected a phone call. Check, double check, and then triple check the meeting with your coach.  
  • Prepare questions! Include those that might seem far out. They may be just the ones that help you stand out as an insightful thinker.  
  • Be on time! Again, these coaches are busy people. Please respect them enough to be on time! 
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