economic empowerment

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta has been all about economic empowerment since we opened our doors more than 99 years ago.

Our Mission

We are a dedicated person-to-person organization invested in the economic success of African-Americans; coaching them to a better life.

Financial Opportunity center

We focus on six key tenets of economic success:

Education and Job Skills Training

Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation

Employment, Careers and Entrepreneurship

Youth Empowerment

Housing and Community Development

Civic Engagement and Leadership

What Makes Us Different

We make person-to-person connections.

We do the work few are willing to do. 

We coach African Americans to a better life.

We’re invested in the community’s economic success.

The History of the Urban League Movement

The Atlanta Urban League was founded in 1920 as an affiliate of the National Urban League, to support African American families migrating from the rural communities of Georgia in unprecedented numbers to the vibrant industrialized city of Atlanta. It was the dawn of the industrial revolution and the 20th century, and Atlanta was a segregated city. These families were seeking opportunities and the Atlanta Urban League provided the much needed support to connect with employment, job training, housing, health care and education for their children. Ninety one years later, in the midst of the worst economic downturn many believe our nation has ever known, the Atlanta Urban League is just as relevant today, as it was in 1920. To more accurately reflect the region that it serves, the Atlanta Urban League changed its name to the Urban League of Greater Atlanta in January 2011. The agency works diligently to “Empower Communities and Change Lives!”

Today, the League’s focus is preparing the workforce for careers in the 21st century and the new economy; raising the graduation rate among metro Atlanta students and preparing youth for college and careers; homeownership and wealth creation; entrepreneurship and small business growth; sustainable communities; and serving as an advocate for education, civic engagement and economic development and a voice for the underserved in our community.

The National Urban League, founded in 1910 and headquartered in New York City, spearheads our nonprofit, nonpartisan, national community-based movement that has grown to 98 affiliates in 36 states and the District of Columbia across the country.

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