Discussion on Governor Kemp’s Executive Order to Reopen Service Businesses, Economic & Other Resources for Small Businesses & Families

Ways to Save Black Lives

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta will host a Virtual Community & Small Business Forum to discuss Governor Kemp’s Executive Order and what we must do to keep Black and vulnerable communities, small businesses, the customers they serve safe and our families safe. This community and small business forum hosted by Nancy Flake Johnson CEO/President of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta will discuss:


  • Getting the COVID 19 facts relative to the devastating impact on the Black community before you open a high contact service business or patronize one;
  • Safety Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones SAFE;
  • Executive Order, state guidelines and how to prepare to open your small business safely;
  • What must a small business do to reopen – access disinfectant, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and operational changes required to reopen your business to best protect owners, teams and customers?
  • Stimulus Package #4 funding for small businesses and how to get it;
  • Economic Stimulus Payments and Unemployment Benefits for the Unemployed, Under-employed, Sole Proprietors and Independent Contractors.


Host, Moderator and Guest Speakers:

  • Marc Parham, Host – Director – The Entrepreneurship Center – Urban League of Greater Atlanta
  • Nancy A. Flake Johnson, President/CEO – Urban League of Greater Atlanta – Moderator;
  • Lawrence L. Sanders, Internal Medicine – Grady Health System
  • John Moye, Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs – Urban League of Greater Atlanta;
  • Jakki Dee, Owner – Jakki Colours Salon
  • Other Invited Guests
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