Vice President of Programs and Community Impact

Job Title: Vice President of Programs and Community Impact

Reports to: President and CEO

Salary: $135,000 – $150,000

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta’s mission has been all about economic empowerment since we opened our doors more than a century ago. We are recognized as a dedicated, person-to-person organization committed to the economic advancement of African Americans and other under-served communities. We meet and evaluate people where they are and help them set economic advancement goals, equip them with what they need, and elevate them to where they want to go to build household income and wealth. We are joined by a robust coalition of committed stakeholders, including corporate, private, civic, community, faith-based, civil rights, and individual supporters that are strongly invested in the economic success of urban communities across metropolitan Atlanta and the state.

Our Financial Empowerment and Emergency Relief Center (FEERC) delivers integrated economic mobility services to youth, adults, families, and small businesses. Our focus is on preparing the workforce for the 21st century and the new economy; raising graduation rates among metro Atlanta students, and preparing a diverse population of untapped talent with the education, skills, and competencies for high-demand careers that guarantee a livable wage; homeownership and wealth creation; entrepreneurship, and small business growth. We are leaders and advocates for change in education, civic engagement, economic development, and social justice.

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