TPS Vendor Overview



The following information pertains to how the Urban League of Greater Atlanta will intake and register qualified organizations and businesses to receive contractor opportunities from the TPS project.

STEP 1 – Organization and Contractor Initial Notification Meeting

  1. A mandatory ULGA/TPS orientation will be scheduled to include all interested parties that will explain the Urban Leagues role and the potential opportunities on this project.

STEP 2 – Contractor Registration

  1. Each small business will be required to register independently of their respective organization into the Urban League TPS database to start receiving announcements.
  2. Interested small businesses will go to the TPS Project page on the Urban League website and fill out the initial intake form. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS A TPS VENDOR
  3. Once the form is submitted and approved you will receive a more in-depth assessment survey by one of the TEC business coaches that will identify the type of opportunities that you will be able to receive.

STEP 3 – Contractor Opportunity Announcements

  1. Announcements received from TPS will be reviewed by the TEC staff
  2. The staff will then send an email to the vendors that meet the requirements of the announcements.
  3. Bids will also be posted to the TPS Vendor Bid Site which is a link from the site.      CLICK HERE TO REVIEW TPS BIDS
  4. The vendor will be required within 72 hours to respond to the Urban League their intent to bid or not bid on the opportunity.
  5. A list of the organizations that have decided to bid will be sent to the TPS project team in preparation to receive the bid.
  6. All organizations that have decided to bid will be required to send status update reports to the League on a weekly basis on the bid activity.
  7. If an organization is awarded a bid a business coach from the TEC will be assigned to monitor the project activity.

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