The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

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The U.S. Senate will vote on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  The Urban League of Greater Atlanta is very concerned that the current legislation will roll back the progress we have made to ensure educational equity in this nation. And we are asking you to join us in taking action to urge your Senators in Congress to uphold civil rights protections during the floor debate next week.

ESEA is a civil rights law that has been the nation’s greatest driver of greater equity in education.  

For the communities we represent—including African American students, low-income students and other students of color—a strong ESEA is vital to ensuring that states and school districts are upholding to their obligation to provide a quality education to all on an equal basis—not just for the most privileged or wealthy.

The current Senate ESEA bill, the Every Child Achieves Act, betrays the law’s rich legacy and would weaken protections for the students it’s intended to serve.

Call Senator David Purdue at (202) 224-3643 and Senator John Isakson at (202) 224-3521 and tell them to support the following four fixes:

  • ESEA must hold schools and districts accountable when they leave vulnerable students behind.
  • ESEA must provide the transparency and data that families and communities need to advocate for their children.
  • ESEA must require states intervene to correct the massive resource disparities that plague our nation’s schools.
  • ESEA must include proper oversight from the Department of Education to make sure that federal funds are used to protect vulnerable students.

You can also post the following messages on Twitter:

  • Any#ESEA reauthorization must expand opportunities, resources, and outcomes for ALL students. #DontBetrayESEA #AllKidsMatter
  • #ESEA is a civil rights law that’s been the nation’s greatest driver of equity in education. We must live up to its promise. #DontBetrayESEA
  • In Georgia, 60 high schools graduate fewer than 2/3 of students. Tell @SenatorIsakson that #AllKidsMatter & #DontBetrayESEA
  • .@SenatorIsakson must make sure that #ESEA provides students of color with support to close gaps because #AllKidsMatter.


Thank you,

Nancy Flake Johnson

Urban League of
Greater Atlanta

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