Greetings Metro Atlanta Partners, Leaders and ULGA Family:

Thank you ALL to those of you who have supported the League’s efforts to support Mr. Willie Blackwell to find a Kidney Donor. The fight continues and I am reaching out again to ask for your continued support. The more we push the more people we reach and we just need ONE person to save Willie’s life. Thank you ALL for being great partners of the League and for the work you do and the passion you bring to making our region/state better for African Americans and all Georgia citizens.

The Urban League is asking again for your support to help find a Kidney donor for Mr. Willie Blackwell. Time is precious as his one remaining Kidney is failing and he desperately needs a matching donor. This is literally a life-threatening matter. Please take a moment to help.

 I am requesting your help to spread the word about Mr. Willie Blackwell’s desperate need for a Kidney Donor via your networks, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media platforms. Mr. Blackwell desperately needs a kidney. He is an ex-NFL player and has lived in Atlanta for many years and is a minister, family man and man of faith. He had cancer and had one kidney removed, had Covid and made it through, and his remaining kidney needs a transplant. This is an urgent request that may help to save his life. Mr. Blackwell’s kidney is only operating at 15% so time is of the essence. We also received a call this evening that he now has an infection. Please do your part by sharing his story and the message below with your networks and on all of your social media platforms.

Here’s a message for your convenience to share, to help spread the word:

“Did you know that of the 5,000 Georgians waiting for an organ transplant, more than 90% need a kidney? Most are African American. One of them, Morris Brown alum, and Clark Atlanta University volunteer Chaplain Willie Blackwell needs our help and unwavering support. Mr. Blackwell has lived with one kidney for the past 20 years, but now the former NFL player’s remaining kidney is functioning at only 15 percent. His family members are not a match. Will you register as a donor to see if you can save his or another person’s life? Visit  and indicate you are supporting Willie Blackwell to learn more.”

LThe more exposure to as many people as possible increases Willie’s chances of finding a match. He has had some kidney donors, however they were not compatible and is working with Piedmont Hospital to register people willing to be tested as possible donors. All people have to do is visit to register to be tested to determine if they are a match.

Below are some links to articles and posts about Mr. Blackwell’s story.

Thank you ALL for your consideration of this request. Please let me know if you need any additional information and if you will be able to share his need with your audiences. Please share links so I can share with Mr. Blackwell and his friend Mike Steinberg so they will KNOW we are working on his behalf.

In Service & With Appreciation,


Nancy A. Flake Johnson


Urban League of Greater Atlanta

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