Meet the Urban League of Greater Atlanta

Urban League of Greater Atlanta

Last First Department
Banks Mr. Lyle Vice-President and General Manager
Cole Ms. Stacey Gov’t & Community Affairs, Central Div.
Comcast Cable
Crumpler Mr. Carlester Senior Vice President
Specialized Industries
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Dawson Mr. Mark Vice-President Information Services
Cox Enterprises
Ferguson Ms. Beverly Senior Director, Community Affairs
Floyd Ms. Veronica Retired UPS Director of Finance
George Mr. Darril President
ULGA Guild
Griffin Mr. DeWayne Executive Staff Director
State Farm Insurance Company
Hall Ms. Juliet President
Juliet Hall, Inc
Hill Mr. Marvin Vice President of Transportation
D. Horst Mr. Jeffrey Attorney & Partner
Krevolin & Horst, LLC
Hulsey Mr. G. Scott Principal
Kobre & Kim LLP
Lloyd Ms. Tracey JC Penney
Maggs Mr. Jeff Managing Director
McHugh Mr. Larry Mentor
ATDC Georgia Tech
Stewart-Miller Ms. Tesula Senior Vice-President
Ameris Bank
Ward-Millner Ms. Charmaine Director of Corporate Relations
Georgia Power Company
Reeves Ms. Myra Senior Manager
Diversity and Inclusion
The Home Depot
Roberson Ms. Tai Vice-President
Senior Community Development officer
Wells Fargo Bank
Smith Ms. Tracee Community and Economic
Development Manager
Fifth Third Bank
Taylor Atty. Marc Partner
Taylor English Duma LLP
Twum Mr. Michael President
ULGA Young Professionals
Wasson Ms. Felicia Director
Community and Stakeholder Relations
The Coca-Cola Company
Last First
Banks Mr. Lyle
Cole Ms. Stacey
Crumpler Mr. Carlester
Dawson Mr. Mark
Ferguson Ms. Beverly
Floyd Ms. Veronica
George Mr. Darril
Griffin Mr. DeWayne
Hall Ms. Juliet
Hill Mr. Marvin
D. Horst Mr. Jeffrey
Hulsey Mr. G. Scott
Lloyd Ms. Tracey
Maggs Mr. Jeff
McHugh Mr. Larry
Stewart-Miller Ms. Tesula
Ward-Millner Ms. Charmaine
Reeves Ms. Myra
Roberson Ms. Tai
Smith Ms. Tracee
Taylor Atty. Marc
Twum Mr. Michael
Wasson Ms. Felicia

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