ULGA opens doors for metro Atlantans to engage with civic and community leaders, attend forums for productive dialogue on topics and priorities in their communities, and take action to promote social and economic justice. 


The Urban League of Greater Atlanta Policy, Legislative Affairs and Civic Engagement pillar envisions an electorate empowered to effect change at the local, state, and federal levels. We seek to give citizens insights, resources, and tools to promote equitable systems in our society. Our Legislative Affairs and Policy team builds public-private coalitions with grassroots organizers, faith leaders, businesspeople, and government officials to advocate for structural transformation, including public safety and criminal justice reform. 

Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement

The Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement (CSJCE) focuses on engaging citizens in the democratic process through education and active participation. We believe that civic education and instruction is a vital component to civic engagement and necessary to empower citizens for participatory democracy. Through voter education, voter registration, and voter mobilization drives, the Center strives to reinforce the message that a knowledgeable and active citizenry is imperative for a strong democracy and that everyone has a responsibility to contribute.  

Programs & Initiatives

The mission of the ULGA Policy Council is to ensure that elected officials’ public policy decisions are consistent with and advance the National Urban League’s values and overarching vision. 

The Policy Council works with Georgia’s elected officials to promote policies that promote racial equity, equal justice under the law, affordable healthcare, housing, voting rights, economic development, environmental justice, and educational and job opportunities for all citizens.  

Our Council was formed to actively address inequities that have long existed but were brought into stark relief with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is chaired by Nancy Flake Johnson, President & CEO, and comprised of the following founding members: Georgia Budget Policy Institute, Georgia Black Legislative Caucus, American Civil Liberties Union, Anti-Defamation League People’s Agenda, AARP and Atlanta Business League. Council teams work to implement policies related to various priorities: 

  • Education  
  • Health  
  • Immigration  
  • Environmental  
  • Civic Engagement & Participation  
  • Criminal Legal System Reform  
  • Minority & Women-owned Business Enterprise  
  • Urban Affairs & Economic Mobility 

The podcast highlights and explores social and political topics. Hosted by John Moye, ULGA Senior Director of Policy, Legislative Affairs and Civic Engagement, the podcast invites guests with expert knowledge of issues that affect our lives to help us determine actions we can all take to protect Georgians and others against negative effects. Please click here to listen to the latest podcast episodes.   

Urban League of Greater Atlanta’s Reclaim Your Vote campaign is part of a national effort to promote voter registration, education, and activation with the power of the League’s Young Professionals, volunteers, and strategic partners. 

We prioritize civic engagement and protecting voting rights because the people we elect matter. Our vote is our voice. It decides our future and shapes the world around us. To Defend Democracy, Demand Diversity, and Defeat poverty, WE MUST VOTE. 

Our mission is to increase voter engagement and registration through grassroots initiatives and to collaborate with our regional advocacy partners to protect the right to vote for all Americans, regardless of their racial, gender, ethnic, or socioeconomic background. 

Each year, we engage voters in the Atlanta metropolitan region to increase voter turnout and empower our communities, and to make their voices heard to drive change at home and across the State of Georgia. 

Our online program, LMS Mobilizing our Civic Engagement, focuses on strengthening democratic citizenship and participation of ULGA clients and the Atlanta Metropolitan community at-large. ULGA believes that “An educated citizen is the best citizen,” and civic education and instruction is a vital component to empower voters.  

Through voter education, voter registration, and voter mobilization drives, our program strives to increase the active participation of Black communities in the democratic process and recognition of the responsibility of every citizen to protect democracy.    

  • The Atlanta Mock City Council Challenge is an extra-curricular activity in which students engage in mock city council proceedings. The challenge will be hosted during the Spring semester of 2025 in the form of a one-day conference that will provide students with an opportunity to experience the procedures of city council proceedings. The students will leave the experience having learned first-hand about citizen civic engagement’s role at the local, municipal decision-making process.  

Signature Events

Meet Our Team

John Moye
Senior Director
Kennedy Smith
Legislative Assistant
Aeriel Coleman
Development Coordinator

The State of Black Georgia Report

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta has collaborated with statewide experts, community leaders, residents, elected officials, business owners, civic leaders, educators, healthcare providers, students, and civil and voting rights advocates to tell the story of the State of Black Georgia. The report shines a bright light on inequities and proposes solutions to promote the health and well-being of all residents of our state. 

The report, released in February 2023, was developed in collaboration with legislators and community leaders to advance policies, legislation and best practices to close the racial wealth and social justice gaps in Georgia. All of us have a stake in making life better for Black Georgians and All Georgians. The report serves as a roadmap to guide us in improving our state for all its citizens – in urban and rural areas — as we promote equity, fairness, and well-being for everyone. 

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