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The Urban League of Greater Atlanta (ULGA) partners with employers in various industries to bridge the gap between talent ready ULGA Participants and employers that seek provide career opportunities in both public and private sectors.\


In addition, we partner with employers to host Career Forums. Our career forums allow our partnering employers to conduct informational sessions and actively recruit for open positions within their company. During the 2012- 2013 fiscal year, The Urban League of Greater Atlanta hosted 21 hiring events. Many of the companies that partnered with ULGA this year provided a platform that allowed the ULGA team to conduct pre-screening/ assessments and as a result 380 ULGA participants were pre-screened and assessed for employment opportunities. A total of 318 ULGA participants of those 380 were referred to employment within various industries.
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Empowerment Through Education and Job Skills Training Education is the cornerstone of all empowerment. Our programs are designed to equip metro Atlantans with the information and training they need to advance their education and obtain training to enhance their quality of life. At the Urban League of Greater Atlanta, we understand and advocate that education is still the key to moving up the economic ladder, and gainful employment is a core tenant of empowerment. We are committed to helping our clients raise their educational attainment and gain valuable job skills that will prepare them for jobs and careers in the 21st Century and our new economy. It is never too late to pursue the career of your dreams and “go back to school” to get the skills you need to succeed and our dedicated staff and volunteers will support you all the way to success!
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The Urban League of Greater Atlanta offers two levels of computer training.  First is our Fast Track Program. In the Fast Track Computer Classes students may choose to learn Introduction to Microsoft Office 2013 Products, Advanced Microsoft Office 2013 Products.  The second level is our  Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Program.  This is a 12-week program designed to provide trainees with the skills they need to successfully pass the MOS Certification test.
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