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August 12, 2021 – September 30, 2021


8/12/2021 Is Entrepreneurship Right for You? RENZIE RICHARDSON
8/19/2021 Evaluating Your Product or Service C. AJASIN
8/26/2021 Understanding Credit I. ROYAL
9/02/2021 Understanding Cash Flow I. ROYAL
9/09/2021 Getting Your Business Funded MAURICE STEWARD
9/16/2021 Writing Your Business Plan RENZIE RICHARDSON
9/23/2021  Pitching Your Business TERRENCE HIGHT
9/30/2021  Pitch Practice Lab TERRENCE HIGHT & PANEL


Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?

This session introduces the participant to entrepreneurship, the commitment it takes to be successful, and discusses their “Why.”


Participants will

  • Take a pre and post-assessment
  • Discuss their motivation
  • Learn business ownership terms
  • Discuss the myths and realities of small business ownership
  • Identify their roots of power
  • Participate in a group review of business terminology
  • Be assigned to present an article about business ownership or entrepreneurship


Research a local small business and share what you learned about how long they have been in business, where they are located, what the company sells, and why you think they are successful.

Evaluating Your Product or Service

This session will help participants evaluate their idea, consumer demand, and how to use basic research tools.


  • How to determine market demand for your product
  • How to conduct market research
  • How to assess your product or service with potential customers
  • How to evaluate market demands


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Objectives – Cont.

  • How to determine your competitors
  • How to define your differentiators – why should a consumer buy your product or service?
  • Discuss why some startups succeed and fail

Homework:  create a profile of product or service, and name at least one competitor

Understanding Credit

In this session, the participants will understand personal credit and business credit.


  • What is personal credit?
  • What is business credit?
  • Five steps for building a foundation for building business credit
  • Steps to optimize your banking relationship
  • Getting set up with business credit reporting agencies to monitor your credit

Homework:  read an article about building business credit

Understanding Cash Flow

Cash flow is essential for operating activities, sales, marketing, and staffing. Understanding the importance of cash flow in making your startup a success is crucial to your business success.


  • What is cash flow?
  • Learn the basic terminology of cash flow
  • Discuss why cash flow management is important
  • Learn four cash flow management ideas
  • Share payment methods to collect payments

Homework:  Visit or call a community bank to learn about

Getting your Business Funded

At some point, a startup needs capital to survive.  Knowing your options and alternative financing requires a plan before you need the investment. VCs and other traditional funding sources are becoming harder and harder to find. But what if the startup is not looking in the right place? Still not sure about the full implications of convertible debt or equity? Participants will learn about getting their business funded, the pros and cons of alternative financing, and how to protect your company.


  • How to determine capital requirements and whether outside funding is appropriate
  • Best practices in identifying and approaching potential investors
  • The pros and cons of raising funds from angels vs. funds
  • What methodologies to use in determining valuation and terms
  • The value of accelerators as a source of capital and leverage
  • The emerging role of online crowd-funding platforms


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Writing Your Business Plan

Planning for your business is essential – it’s a blueprint that will guide you to accomplish goals. A business plan will also help your business to be successful and profitable, set a clear direction for the business, identify the problem you solve, your target customer, and how the company will make money. Taking time to create a business plan provides you clarity about your business.


  • Explain the purpose of a business plan.
  • Understand which type of business plan is a banker or investor and what is important to each reader.
  • Discuss the guidelines to follow to write an effective business plan.
  • Identify and describe a suggested outline of a business plan.
  • Explain how to present a business plan to a banker or potential investors effectively.

Pitching Your Business

The goal of the pitch is for a banker or investor to understand, like, and believe in what you do. If they do, they are likely willing to support you.


  • What is the pitch?
  • Learn techniques to prepare to pitch your business.
  • Learn critical skills for building relationships and selling yourself, your Products, and services to your target customer.
  • Learn five steps for planning and creating a great pitch.

Activity: write/practice your pitch

Pitch Practice Lab

Whether you are an entrepreneur or starting a business, you will need to know how to present yourself and your idea or business in a clear, precise, and convincing way. For that purpose,  the Pitch Practice Lab will offer the participant basic tactics and tools to be heard.



  • What is the pitch?
  • Learn the Secret Sauce to prepare to pitch your business.
  • Learn the critical skills for building relationships and selling yourself, your Products, and services to your target customer?
  • Learn five steps for planning and creating a great pitch.


Pitch Lab Activity: Write/Practice your pitch

Complete the activity sheet to create a 45 second – 1:00 minute pitch.  Participants will receive feedback from our PITCH GURU, who has won more than ten pitch contests.

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