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The Urban League of Greater Atlanta’s Housing Program is an approved counseling program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Housing Program provides counseling services to the general public. Counseling sessions focus on financial preparedness and mortgage readiness and other areas applicable to obtaining and maintaining safe homeownership. Clients are invited to attend a monthly “first-time home-buyer workshops “conducted by a certified housing counselor of the ULGA housing program. Our primary objectives are directly related to HUD’s STRATEGIC PLAN.

The objectives of our program that align with the HUD strategy are to expand and increase homeownership opportunities for families and individuals, improve access and increase affordable housing, and preserving homeownership through education and Empowerment of homeowners in the prevention of foreclosure caused by default /delinquency. The ULGA housing counselors provide guidance and advice to help families and individuals improve their housing conditions and meet the responsibilities of tenancy and homeownership. We assist in helping prospective homebuyers avoid inflated appraisals, unreasonably high interest rates, unaffordable repayment terms, and other conditions that can result in a loss of equity, increased debt, default, and eventually foreclosure.
The ULGA has initiated a series of quarterly, Educational Wealth Building Seminar series (which is a financial management tool). This offer is a part of our FOC-Financial Opportunity Center
The series main objectives are:

• Financial Education
• Portfolio Expansion
• Investment Training
• Credit Improvement & Enhancement

We focus on the improvement of financial well-being of low-income families. We help people boost their credit rating and increase net income and net worth.

Our program is designed to identify and meet the needs of individuals seeking to become homeowners. We are also focused on providing structured ongoing counseling that will ensure these individuals develop the capacity to remain in the home as well as improve their overall quality of life in their pursuit of wealth and assets.

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