SBDC CARES Small Business Accelerator Program

Do you have a great idea and have always wanted to start a business but not sure of the 1st step?

Are you torn between this great idea for a business and needing to work full-time to survive?

Ready to attract ideal clients, scale your existing business, and increase your impact, personal income, and quality of life?

It is Time to prepare to WIN.

The Virtual SBDC CARES Business Accelerator Program is FREE!

The Entrepreneurship Center of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta (ULGA TEC), in partnership with The Small Business Development Center at Georgia State University, offers a FREE virtual program for excited entrepreneurs.  If you have an idea to launch into business or have been in business for up to two (2) years and want to know what to do to grow the business, sign up today.

In the ULGA TEC Business program, we meet you exactly where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. We understand that your focus and actions as you start your business are considerably different than the steps you must take to generate your first six figures to scale to $50k a month.  What got you here, with the results you are currently experiencing, will not get you there. That is why you need a different, tailored strategy that includes coaching and a wonderful community to hold you accountable.



A FREE program on how to start and grow my business sounds great.  BUT I am still deciding if I want to take my idea and turn it into a business.  If this describes where you are, join us, bring your entrepreneur friends and family for exciting sessions facilitated by experienced, seasoned entrepreneurs.

Here are some questions you will get answered.

    • Is being in business right for me?
    • Business finance, what are the basics?
    • How to grow my business with Government contracting?
    • What are the 5 C’s of credit, and why should you care?
    • How to market and brand your business?


The Start-Up Accelerator is a nine (9) week program facilitated virtually by current business owners every Wednesday from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

It begins with understanding the legal aspect of starting and managing your business and building infrastructure for a strong business foundation and concludes with graduation.

During the program, you will prepare your business plan incorporated with understanding the following.

      • How to market and brand your product and services?
      • How to raise capital, prepare, and understand your business financial statements?
      • What do I need to know about human resources and compliance, and do I hire employees or contractors?
      • Who is my competition, and how do I sell my service and products?
      • What tools and technology do I need?

Please Note:  Each cohort participant is eligible for six (6) months of FREE access to Live Plan online.

Start Dates for the 2021 Cohorts

Each cohort is nine (9) weeks of hands-on experiential learning to START. LAUNCH. GROW your business.  All the 9-week sessions are facilitated virtually by a business owner on Wednesdays from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.  The chart below displays when each cohort begins.

Cohort Type Start Date Date Concludes
English March 17th May 12th
Spanish March 17th May 12th
English May 26th July 21st
English August 4th September 29th
Spanish August 4th September 29th


Each Cohort participant is eligible to receive individual personalized coaching to assist and guide your business development journey during your participation in the 9-week cohort.

Business coaches challenge you to develop your strengths, identify and mitigate weaknesses, and grow as an entrepreneur. Overall, the emphasis is on leadership growth or the specific business development area that is challenging, such as finance, sales, marketing, branding, human resources, and operations.  A business coach helps you get out of the weeds to work on your business’s vision and develop the team that will help manifest that vision.


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