DeKalb Capital Access Accelerator



The Capital Access Accelerator will support DeKalb-based small businesses and DeKalb County residents who are business owners who need capital to start or grow their businesses. This program offers:

  • Training and one-on-one coaching sessions on sources and types of small business capital, and how to qualify and apply.
  • Business coaches for technical assistance and guidance.
  • Help with completing applications that will be submitted directly to small business funders/lenders who are looking to provide capital for start-ups and emerging small and minority firms.
  • Introductions to capital funders who will share information on the types and terms for loans, grants, and investor capital, and steps necessary to gain financing.






Session 1

Capital Resources for Small Businesses

TUESDAY, APRIL 12 , 2022 @ 5:30 PM


This session will introduce and explain the various types and sources of small business capital available and what is appropriate for the various stages of business development and growth. This session will cover micro-loans, bank and SBA loans, grants, receivables financing and angel investors to include capital for startups, COVID recovery, expansion and growth.  Business owners will learn the difference between traditional and non-traditional lending. The session will help participants understand the differences between funding types, how to determine the type of capital needed. what lenders and investors require to approve loans, make grants and invest and repayment terms and cost of capital.


 Session 2

Small Business Readiness for Lending Opportunities

THURSDAY, APRIL 14 , 2022 @ 5:30 PM

This session will allow participants to apply what they learned in session 1 to determine which type of capital is best suited for their business. They will understand what is needed to prepare to apply for capital, credit score and the various factors in the approval process that will determine if they are ready to obtain capital at the current time. The participants will gain knowledge that can assist them with preparing to become “Capital Ready” and “Credit Worthy”.


Session 3

Completing the Loan Application and Documentation Requirements

TUESDAY, APRIL 19 , 2022 @ 5:30 PM


This session will support participants with understanding the components of a typical loan or capital application, the documents required, and the process for submitting the application. The participant will become familiar with documents that are required to accompany the application and the funders’ processes for receiving the information.


Technical Assistance for Capital Access and Business Plan Development

Assistance with Completing Capital Applications and Preparing to Qualify for Capital


Access to Capital Coaching

Participants who complete the 3 Capital Accelerator Sessions will be eligible to register for one-on-one coaching sessions via a pre-qualification form that will be forwarded to the TEC team. Based on the small businesses level of readiness, the team will assign a business coach who will assist them to either 1) Assist with preparation of capital or loan application forms for submission and prep for the process to include reviewing the loan information, completing the loan application, compiling necessary documents for the funder and the necessary steps for submitting the information. or 2) provide capacity building coaching to advance the small business toward capital access readiness.

Non-Qualified Participants will be matched with a coach who will discuss steps to advance toward qualification for loan and grant products and how they can assist. The coach will do an assessment of the business and review the findings with the owner. The coach will utilize the 5-Step Coaching plan to determine how the business can become positioned to qualify for capital resources.


Business Plan Coaching Sessions for DeKalb Program Participants

DeKalb small businesses that have completed an Accelerator will engage with business coaches to complete a Business Plan using the Live Plan tool and incorporate strategies that promote growth and profitability for their business. The coaching will be directly correlated with the use of their loan or for continued preparedness to receive a loan.


Program Contact

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