Local Elections Matter! VOTE on Nov. 3

Local elections have a major impact on national elections and the course of our lives. Please do your civic duty and VOTE on Nov. 3. (Oct. 30, is the last day for early voting.)

Some jurisdictions have measures on the ballot, along with offices to fill. Take a look at a sample ballot to be informed before you vote. Also, verify your polling location in advance and take a government-issued identification with you.

Voting is a constitutional right, but it is not always a smooth process. If you have any problems at your polling place, request a provisional ballot. Ask for help and follow up within the legal timeframe to be sure your vote counts.

Did you know that if you fail to vote in two consecutive elections, you can be dropped from the voter rolls? Don’t let that happen to you. Get involved. Stay involved. Exercise your power.

The Voter Education Collaborative is hosting a “Watch Night” at the historic Paschal’s Restaurant, 180 Northside Drive, in Atlanta on Tuesday night. Join in on the excitement of watching the results roll in.

What happens in politics affects the future of our communities and our nation. Do your part to build a strong Atlanta metro area. VOTE on Nov. 3.


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