· Access Emergency Financial Help for Individuals and Families with sub buckets

o Economic Stimulus Payments

o Unemployment Benefits

o Food Distribution and Food Banks

o Health Care Services

o Financial Help with Bill Payments

§ Deferral of payments for student loans, car and mortgage payments etc.

§ Free and discounted services

§ Access Financial Coaching – Let’s discuss with Johnette and Briana and discuss how we can use some of the corporate volunteers we have to help with this so that Bre doesn’t get overloaded. Also discuss how we can activate Joseph now that BankWork$ is until the next cohort.

· Access to Emergency Financial and Coaching Assistance for Small Businesses

o COVID Loans/Grants

§ Notice: Lapse in Appropriations

The SBA is currently unable to accept new applications for the Paycheck Protection Program based on available appropriations funding.

o Coaching via ULGA – let’s discuss set up coaching access for appointments platform

o Unemployment Benefits for Sole Proprietors and Independent Contractors

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