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Helping Black & Brown Communities Build Wealth Through Financial Education & Homeownership  


Safe, affordable, and adequate housing is foundational to success in life. If you have nowhere to live, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get a job, to save, to maintain good mental and physical health, to anchor your children in schools or childcare facilities, and to establish civic and community ties. Yet all too often, low- to moderate-income people struggle to afford decent and affordable places to live.  

Nationwide, Black renters face eviction rates almost twice that of their White counterparts. The Urban League seeks to interrupt the widespread lack of decent housing that leads to generational poverty. Traditionally, a home forms the basis of stability and wealth-building for generations. Everyone deserves a chance to have a decent place to live. 

Buying a home can be overwhelming. Housing counseling can help you individualize your home-buying options, empower you to make informed decisions, and significantly improve your home-buying success. Housing counseling will help you determine what you can afford and teach you how to sustain your home for the long term. 

Our HUD-Approved Housing counselors meet people where they are and guide them in building a background that will support homeownership. Counseling sessions focus on financial preparedness and mortgage readiness, and other areas applicable to obtaining and maintaining safe homes.  

We also actively engage with bankers, mortgage lenders, realtors, home inspectors, down payment assistance programs, home maintenance experts, insurance professionals and more, to form an entire community of people in the housing sector. Together, they can help us expand the availability of housing and the numbers of homeowners in communities of color.  

In November 2023, we launched our web-based HUB  – Housing Urban Blueprint – a one-stop shop for first-time homebuyers to connect with every sector of the industry to support the goal of purchasing a safe, affordable home. 


Certified Financial Coaches guide clients on how to effectively budget, improve and maintain credit scores, and increase savings. Group education sessions take place every week. One-on-one coaching sessions are offered on an ongoing basis; clients usually meet for four to six sessions on average. All services are available at no cost to the participants. ULGA’s Financial Coaching team hosts a webinar, Credit Enhancement Wednesdays, at noon weekly. Click here to sign up. The team also hosts a weekly Financial Freedom workshop on Fridays. Click here to register.  

Metropolitan cities receive direct funding under the American Rescue Plan Act. The Act requires Metropolitan cities to receive their funds directly from the U.S. Department of Treasury. In all, Georgia is projected to receive at least $17.4 billion (about $54 per person in the US) through the American Rescue Plan Act by the end of 2024, which will go to state governments, local governments, and individuals. Georgia’s investment plan for this funding includes $600 million in housing assistance. 

Currently only serving Cobb County.

The HUB, our consumer-facing site supports homebuyers throughout the region. The HUB is supported by mortgage, construction, and rehab lenders; the faith-based community; developers; builders (including BIPOC-owned firms); nonprofits; policy advocates, housing counselors; local jurisdictions; and other stakeholder groups with the potential to impact BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) homeownership in the five core counties. The HUB is a web-based, one-stop portal to boost homeownership. Interested parties can visit the HUB on computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Individuals who can benefit from the HUB include homebuyers, homeowners, developers, real estate professionals, lenders, and more. Purpose: The HUB is designed to support underserved communities and families through education, information, and residential resources that foster sustainable homeownership. The HUB is FREE and open to all visitors throughout the housing ecosystem. It is operated by the Urban League of Greater Atlanta in tandem with partners with a stake in boosting sustainable homeownership in the region. Click here to start exploring the HUB today.  

Meet Our Team

Johnette Brown
Senior Director
Breana Curry
Program Manager, Financial Empowerment
Tony Jean-Louis
Program Manager, Housing and Wealth Building
Eric Simpson
HUD (Housing & Urban Development) Certified Housing Counselor
Shanae Culver
CERF, Program Assistant
Tamarjia Andrews
Program Coordinator
Sara Nessanbaum
Program Manager, The HUB
Ebony White
Program Manager, Community Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)
Deborah West
Intake Specialist, CERF
She'Reese Harris
HUB, Program Coordinator


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Feel free to contact us for more information

Join ULGATL on social media.

Feel free to contact us for more information

Join ULGATL on social media.

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