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ULGATL empowers metro Atlantans with access to civic and community leaders, and forums for productive dialogue regarding topics and priorities in their communities.

To uphold our mission to empower African Americans and others to achieve their highest human potential and secure economic self-reliance, the Urban League of Greater Atlanta collaborates with local community and faith based partners and our volunteers to educate the public and elected officials on the impacts of public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems.

The League also engages in public outreach and education campaigns to increase awareness and information dissemination related to issues and initiatives that have direct impact on the quality of life and economic development in communities of color and that are important to the greater Atlanta community.

We are eager to collaborate with other civil rights, community and faith based organizations to leverage resources and make a greater impact on our community. It is our goal to advocate for education, economic development, affordable housing, fair redistricting, transportation, small business and community development initiatives and policies and to serve as a voice for impactful change for Greater Atlanta. Our recent initiatives include:

  • Community Outreach and Education to Increase Minority Participation in the 2010 US Census in partnership with The Peoples Agenda, the Leadership Council for Civil Rights, NAACP and other community and faithbasedd partners.

Voter Education and Registration initiatives in partnership with The Peoples Agenda, SCLC Women, NAACP, Concerned Black Clergy and the Georgia Coalition of Black Women.

Foster Care Awareness Initiative in partnership with the Casey Family Programs and the Georgia Department of Health and Human Services to advocate for mentors for the more than 14,000 youth in foster care of which 78% are African American.


For more information or to volunteer your time to support these types of initiatives, please sign up as a volunteer or contact Deborah McClary, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator at or 404-659-2251.

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