Empowerment Specialist/Community Health Worker (ESCHW)

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The Urban League of Greater Atlanta is a dedicated person to person organization that is focused on the economic advancement of African Americans and underserved communities. We stand out as more than just a service provider. We are a unique community of change-makers, deeply committed to respecting, empowering, uplifting, and transforming lives. We believe in the potential and talents of every individual and it drives us to offer dynamic programs and services that advance individuals, families, and small businesses economically. Our mission is to meet people where they are, equip them with what they need and elevate them to their highest potential and financial security by coaching the people we serve to a better life..

Our programs operate under the umbrella of the Financial Empowerment and Emergency Relief Center (FEERC) that represents an integrated economic mobility framework that operates through five FEERC Pillars including 1) Human Services, Health & Wellness, 2) Careers, Talent Development & Workforce Solutions; 3) Entrepreneurship & Economic Development; 4) Housing, Financial Empowerment & Wealth Building; and 5) Legislative Policy, Social Justice & Civic Engagement.

Program Summary – A Focus on Social Determinants of Health

The Need

Data shows that many low to moderate-income residents in the 30354-zip code, which includes Atlanta, College Park, Hapeville, and Mountain View, are grappling with significant levels of health disparities combined with housing insecurity and financial instability.

The Response

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta is part of a powerful alliance with the lead collaborative partner Grady Health System and community partners ARCHI, Star C, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and other community partners. Together, we have designed and will operate a pilot program focused on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). The pilot will focus on the residents of Metro Atlanta’s 30354 zip code. The collaborative’s strategic objective is to develop, implement, and effectively operate a community-focused model that addresses the social determinants of health identified as having the most positive effect on the individuals and families in the pilot. We have pledged to execute the pilot as an integrated eco-system that engages frequently and collaboratively to advance the lives of the Star C residents positively and measurably.

The ULGA program team will include a Program Manager, the Senior Empowerment Advocate/Community Health Worker (EACHW) and Empowerment Specialist/Community Health Worker positions. This team will also receive support and resources from ULGA’s internal professional staff and other collaborative partners to deliver on our service model. The Empowerment Specialist/Community Health Worker (ESCHW) will be an essential team member jointly accountable for implementing the Social Determinants Model in the designated community,

Program Implementation and Operations

  • Work as a team and participate in program planning.
  • Follow the program plan, achieve goals, track progress and priorities to achieve assignments in a timely manner.
  • Participate and coordinate outreach and recruitment.
  • Conduct assessments and link clients/patients to coordinated health/care and social services.
  • Provide case management, informal counseling, social support, and advocacy.
  • Facilitate community health education workshops.
  • Maintain electronic and paper files for each client/patient.
  • Follow a systematic approach to delivering all services in accordance with the client service flow model.
  • Educate and support clients/patients with referrals to the ULGA FEERC continuum of services.

Relationship Management and Communications

  • Engage in outreach and recruitment activities, events, and strategies to enroll Star C residents in the pilot program.
  • Work closely with partner teams to ensure that community members/patients have comprehensive, coordinated care and ongoing support. Interventions with patients should be continuous from initial identification through closure.
  • Participate with the team in developing workshop materials and delivering effective and relevant orientations and presentations tailored to the program’s needs.
  • Contribute to creating a network of referral organizations to determine eligibility and support for clients to apply for income supports and gain access to supportive services.
  • Direct Role with Participants (in tandem with and under the supervision of the Senior Empowerment Advocate)
  • Fully implement and administer community health and needs assessments, develop individual action plans, and connect to the FEERC Client Flow Model for patients/ who live at Star C properties.
  • Provide external referrals for resources and services (Grady healthcare, legal, wellness, food insecurities, childcare transportation, housing etc.).
  • Serve as a client advocate, case manager and liaison between the client/family and community service agencies (i.e., hospitals, support groups, ULGA program teams, etc.).
  • Record all client care and contact information in a case management and data collection tool or software (training provided). Take responsibility for all data and records management.
  • Prepare reports and documents as needed or requested. Ensure timely documentation of program outcomes.
  • Positively impact individual health outcomes and provide assistance to the Grady clinical team of nurses and social workers.


  • 3-4+ years of community health, social work, social services, community advocacy, community outreach, member services, or education, experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field in lieu of experience.
  • Understanding of the community in designated region through shared experiences or strong desire to help people in vulnerable communities.
  • Experience in conducting and communicating social benefits assessments.
  • Experience working with special populations; the ability to provide services in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • Understanding of the community in designated 30354 service area through residency, shared experiences, or strong desire to help people in vulnerable communities.
  • Licenses/Certifications: Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Community Health Worker Training/Certification
  • Technical Program, Data Management, and Reporting Skills must be successfully completed within 15 weeks of hire date.

Must be efficient with:

  • Daily use of CRM data management systems and timely reporting
  • Ability to maintain client files via digital and paper filing.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


  • Job Type: Full-time

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