Employment Opportunities with MARTA – MARTA’S CURRENT JOB LIST September 3, 2021

MARTA’S CURRENT JOB LIST September 3, 2021

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MARTA Job Opportunities

EMPLOYER PROFILE: MARTA is among the largest transit systems in the U.S. and North America that provides bus, rail and mobility services for the elderly and disabled. MARTA’S service population is 1.65 million in the City of Atlanta, Fulton, DeKalb & Clayton Counties. MARTA provides service for nearly half a million passengers boarding each weekday.


OPEN POSITIONS                                                                                              CLOSING DATE

IRC75661     Supervisor, Customer Service Center                                              9/15

IRC72881     Customer Information Operator (Bilingual pref.)                                9/09

IRC75021     Auditor I                                                                                          9/17

IRC72459     Sr. Train Control Cyber Security Analyst                                          9/24

IRC75525     Contract Specialist III (Architectural & Engineering)                      9/17

IRC75283     Senior Enterprise Security Engineer (Cyber)                                    9/17

IRC69358     Superintendent Station Zone Services                                             9/08

IRC75182     Journeyman Track Maintainer (6)                                                    9/30

IRC74883     Lost & Found Coordinator                                                                9/07

IRC75285     Data Management Analyst                                                               9/25

IRC75443     Project Manager I (Construction & System Integration)              9/13

IRC75461     Sr. Performance Analyst (Strategic Performance)                               9/25

IRC75462     Sr. Performance Analyst (Research & Analysis)                               9/25

IRC75321     Project Manager I                                                                            9/17

IRC75581     Light Rail Operator                                                                          9/03

IRC75363     Elevator & Escalator Inspector II                                                      9/10

IRC74965     Accountant II                                                                                   9/03

IRC74962     Accountant III                                                                                  9/03

IRC74724     Senior Technology Project Manager                                                9/03

IRC74725     Manager IT Project Management                                                     9/06

IRC71499     Bus Stop Planner II                                                                         9/06

IRC71801     Regional Planner III                                                                         9/02

IRC74601     Contract Specialist II                                                                        9/10

IRC75181     Journeyman Bus Technician (20)                                                     9/11

IRC75281     Serviceperson IV (5)                                                                        9/07

IRC75101     Project Manager II (Construction & System Integration)              9/10

IRC74541     Sr. Performance Analyst (Field Data Collection)                               9/10

IRC73961     Supplier Diversity Analyst                                                                9/08

IRC73962     DBE/Small Business Analyst                                                           9/08

IRC68436     Director of Rail Transportation                                                         9/06

IRC74321     Bus Mechanical Electrical Engineer                                                 9/08

IRC73819     Sr. Director of Management & Budget                                              9/30

IRC74241     Administrative Assistant                                                                   9/08

IRC74101     Superintendent Control Center                                                         9/29

IRC73879     Manager Financial Systems                                                             9/10

IRC73604     Serviceperson I (RCC)                                                                     12/31

IRC72760     Transit Police Officer                                                                       11/16

IRC72400     Journey ET-HVAC (2)                                                                      9/07

IRC71579     Technology Business Management Specialist                                  9/08

IRC72399     Journeyman Support Equipment (4)                                                 9/15

IRC72479     Hostler Junior Apprentice (8)                                                           9/30

IRC71158     Civil Engineer VI                                                                              9/08

IRC71198     Parking Cashier—Part-Time Contract                                              10/3

IRC70378     Customer Care Representative (Bilingual Pref.)                                9/09

IRC70079     Full-time and Part-time Bus Operator                                               10/1

IRC68656     Customer Information Operator – Part-Time (Bilingual Pref.)                  9/09

IRC67905     System Safety Engineer III                                                              9/30



To Search and Apply for jobs

Visit our website: WWW.ITSMARTA.COM

Follow the steps below:

  • At the top of the page click on the tab More
  • Then click on Current Job Openings
  • Next click on Career Site
  • Register now to create a new profile or log in to your existing profile
  • Upload your resume as required
  • View all open jobs
  • Click on apply now for the job to be added to your profile as an application

You may check the status of your application at any time by logging into your account and clicking on the details of the job from your general page.

Job openings are posted weekly and applications must be submitted within the posting period with a current resume attached.


If you are an individual with a disability who may require assistance or reasonable accommodation to participate in the application process for any listed position, please contact us at 404-848-5544.



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