Forever NCNW – Dr. Bethune Day Celebration Activities


Forever NCNW – National Membership Drive

Bethune Birthday Celebration


We are very grateful to the NCNW South Carolina Mechanism for the idea of Dr. Bethune Day and we ask each section to embrace it wholeheartedly.



On Monday, July 10, 2017 NCNW will continue J.O.I.N NCNW, a year-long national membership drive.  The drive will continue with Dr. Bethune Day.

Our goals are to:

  1.  Raise public awareness of NCNW
  2. Remember Dr. Bethune’s contributions on the anniversary of her birth – July 10th
  3. Double the size of NCNW by each member bringing in at least one new member

Dr. Bethune Day Activities

All NCNW sections and members are asked to do the following on Monday, July 10th:

  • Wear NCNW pins
  • Wear Yellow
  • Host a tea designed to help potential members learn more about NCNW
  • Use the Twitter hashtags #joinncnw; #drbethune day; #foreverNCNW
  • Post the Forever NCNW flier on Social Media and in consenting retail outlets and churches
  • Post the Dr. Bethune flier on Social Media and in consenting beauty shops and nail salons
  • Distribute the new membership application in consenting beauty shops, nail salons and restaurants
  • Send the Media Release to local and regional media outlets and social and civic organizations
  • Each member is asked to personally urge at least one person to J.O.I.N NCNW


Continue the Dr. Bethune birthday celebration throughout the month of July.  You may choose to engage in one or more of the ideas set out below.



  1. Post photos of the Dr. Bethune Tea on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  2. Host an Evening of Exercise: Walk in a highly visible area of the community, wearing
    NCNW t-shirts.
  3. Telephone Campaign:  Call inactive members and potential members to urge them to J.O.I.N NCNW.
  4.  A Night of Fellowship:  Invite potential new members to join your Section to see Hidden Figures and learn more about NCNW.
  5. Church Service:  Gather for a memorial service, similar to Founders Day, but in remembrance of Dr. Bethune.
  6. Community Service Project:  Volunteer at a local school, library, summer camp, local tutoring or mentoring program as a tribute to Dr. Bethune’s tireless work to promote education.
  7. Include remembrance of Dr. Bethune in NCNW events planned for July.


Please take the time to participate in NCNW’s national membership initiative.  Let’s make NCNW history!